February 20 - 21, 2018
San Diego, CA

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The Periodic Table of Laboratory Information Management

Sanofi, Covance, Merck and Industrial Lab Automation are sharing their views on some of the most debated linchpins of laboratory informatics.

From Big Data and Knowledge Management to Collaboration and the Cloud, the Smartlab Exchange speakers look at the most pressing issues their organizations are facing sharing their expertise, recommendations and predictions for the future of the lab.

Smartlab Exchange USA 2016 Post Event Report

Download the Post-Event Report for the 2016 US Smartlab Exchange to discover key attendance stats, details on where lab informatics leaders are investing in 2017 and industry insights from Pistoia Alliance, Lundbeck, Merck, Pfizer, Novartis and more. Plus find out about the opportunities for lab informatics leaders and innovative solution providers to get involved. 

Standardization and Integration Tool Box

With 80% of lab informatics professionals highlighting laboratory integration as a long-term strategic goal within their organization, we have created an infographic ahead of the Smartlab Exchange to help you achieve this.
This infographic will provide you with top tips and insights on product development cycles and the implications for a fully integrated data management strategy; benefits of data standardization and the solutions available; how the Chief Data Officer at Covance improved R&D efficiency, how the Director of Information Protection at Sanofi prevents data loss and ensures the security of sensitive information against cyber threats and much more!

Understanding Lab Informatics Professionals Top Challenges and Investment Priorities for 2016

Ahead of the SmartLab Exchange we have conducted an exclusive survey with over 100 senior lab informatics professionals across the world to discover their top challenges and investment priorities for 2016 and beyond. Download the report to find out:
  • The key trends, developments and solutions impacting the industry and the speed of lab transformation across the world for 2016
  • Top projects for lab informatics professionals in 2016
  • The key challenges lab informatics professionals face when investing in new solutions 
And much more!